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Your customers will be able to access your Food and Drink menu, from any device and at any time, just by scanning their mobile phone with one of the QR codes visible in your establishment.


Your customers will be able to access the menu at any time, they will be able to view dynamic and friendly your products.


The cleanest and most hygienic way to deliver the menu content to your customers.


You will avoid unnecessary impressions, you can make modifications without problems and quickly, you can add new dishes or remove those that are no longer there. *

Here we answer some

Is the QR code included in the final price?
Yes, we will generate a unique QR code for your Company. Along with the pieces so you can print and place where you want.
Can customers view the menu with any device?
Yes, accessing the digital menu is super simple and you only require a Wi-Fi connection or data usage.
Can the menu be in different languages?
We can offer you the possibility of having your menu available in Spanish and English. You must always provide both materials ready, we will not do the translation.
Will customers be able to share the menu to their friends?
Yes, through the link of your digital menu they can send other people so they can see it from any device.

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